What is Sesaam all about?

Sesaam (Solidarité Éducation Scolarisation Akany Avoko Madagascar) is a french non-profit organization created in 2015. Sesaam helps the youth of Madagascar in lower and higher education, and professional training.
Sesaam's crafting projects aimed at valorizing and facilitating educational access for children in Madagascar. Our actions are indeed vital in a country where more than 30% of young children are out of school.


Sesaam is also functioning thanks to a team of unpaid volunteers with different knowledge and experiences (from education and social assistance to music and communication).


Sesaam helps the youth of Madagascar get access to higher education and professional training. Each year, 5 Malagasy young adults are given financial support to pursue their studies in various scientific fields (mathematics, sociology, medicine, business...).


You can help Sesaam deliver its promises by donating online. If you live outside of France, your donation may be subject to tax deduction (please review these information before donating).

NEWS (french only)

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Write us at : info@sesaam-asso.com